Broad Match Modifier Unrolled in the US

May 12, 2020


Welcome to AdAbler's comprehensive guide on Broad Match Modifier (BMM) unrolling in the US. As a leading provider of Business and Consumer Services in Marketing and Advertising, we strive to keep you informed and ahead of the competition. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of this latest update, its impact on your advertising strategy, and how you can leverage it for optimal results.

Understanding Broad Match Modifier

Broad Match Modifier is a Google Ads keyword match type that allows you to reach a wider audience while maintaining control over keyword variations. Until recently, BMM allowed for precise keyword targeting by putting a plus symbol (+) directly in front of specific words in your keyword phrase. However, Google has announced an upcoming change to BMM that aims to simplify the keyword matching process.

The Unrolling Update

As of [date], Google will unroll the Broad Match Modifier update in the US, making it easier for advertisers to reach relevant audiences. This update will remove the need for the plus symbol (+) in BMM, giving advertisers more intuitive control over keyword variations.

Impact on Advertising Strategy

This change in BMM will have a significant impact on your advertising strategy. By unrolling BMM, Google aims to simplify keyword targeting while still providing relevant ad placements. With this update, your keyword variations will be matched more flexibly, allowing you to reach a wider audience without sacrificing precision.

Benefits of BMM Unrolling

  • Increased Reach: With BMM unrolled, your ads can now reach a broader range of search queries closely related to your target keywords.
  • Improved Precision: This update still ensures that your ads appear only for highly relevant search queries, reducing wasteful ad spend.
  • Boost in Performance: BMM unrolling can potentially improve your ad performance by expanding your reach without compromising relevance.

Optimizing BMM Unrolling for Success

To make the most out of this update, it is crucial to optimize your advertising campaigns accordingly. Here are some strategies to consider:

1. Keyword Research and Analysis

Perform thorough keyword research and analysis to identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords for your ad campaigns. Utilize keyword research tools or seek professional assistance to ensure you are targeting the right keywords.

2. Ad Group Organization

Organize your ad groups around specific themes or topics to maintain relevance and improve the quality score of your ads. This will help you target the right audience and optimize your ad spend.

3. Regular Monitoring and Optimization

Continuously monitor the performance of your ad campaigns and make necessary adjustments. Test different variations of your ads, analyze the results, and optimize accordingly to maximize your ROI.

4. Implement Negative Keywords

Identify and include negative keywords to prevent your ads from appearing in irrelevant searches. This will help improve the overall precision and cost-effectiveness of your campaigns.


In conclusion, the unrolling of Broad Match Modifier in the US brings exciting opportunities for advertisers to boost their reach and optimize their advertising campaigns. AdAbler, as a trusted provider of Business and Consumer Services in Marketing and Advertising, is here to support you in navigating these changes effectively. Stay ahead of the competition and achieve remarkable results by leveraging the power of BMM unrolling.

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